Autonomous Landmine Detection Robot Using SLAM navigation Algorithm

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1 Mechatronics Engineering Department, Canadian international college, 5Th Settlement, Cairo 11835, Egypt.

2 Mechatronics Engineering Department, Canadian International College, 5Th Settlement, Cairo 11835, Egypt


This paper presents a robot that can navigate and perform its required functions autonomously for landmine detection. The proposed prototype can detect obstacles and avoid these obstacles then plot a new path to continue the mine detection operation in the desired area. The autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance techniques are used based on the robot operating system (ROS) by building a map using simultaneous localization and mapping algorithms (SLAM). The mechanical design, theoretical calculations, and the modeling of the suggested prototype are presented. The main components of the land mine detection robot include the raspberry pi 3 model (B+) which will act as the primary communication device between the Arduino mega and the computer. The camera module V2, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensor, and LIDAR sensor are used to track robot acceleration and angular velocity. a metal detector sensor is used for the detection of anti-personnel landmines. The robot can accomplish the mine detection task autonomously with minimum human interaction through the suggested software algorithms.


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