Peer Review Process

JISSE welcomes scholars and researchers to join us as peer reviewers of manuscripts being considered for publication in a scholarly international journal that covers engineering and sciences. The peer review process serves two primary purposes, reviewers advise editors on which papers to include in their journal and provide constructive feedback to authors to improve the quality of their publications. Thus, the peer review process guarantees the high quality of articles published. The peer review follows the step-by-step procedure: 

  • Once the manuscript is received, it is delivered to two qualified reviewers.
  • Reviewers have three weeks to review the manuscript and to advise the editor on the acceptance, acceptance with revision, or rejection.
  • Editor turns the accepted manuscript with a revision to the corresponding author.
  • Authors handle the reviewer recommendations and make any suggested changes in the manuscripts and return it to the editor by email.
  • The editors send back the corrected and reviewed manuscripts to the Editor-in-Chief, and also deliver the manuscript to different editors.
  • The Editor-in-Chief coordinates the editorial procedure and distributes the articles submitted to the journal.