Solar Desalination by Humidification-Dehumidification Using Aspen plus Simulation

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1 MSc at Cairo University Chemical Engineer department BSc from HTI Tenth of Ramadan city

2 professor at Cairo university

3 Professor at Cairo university

4 Professor at Zewail city


Most of desalination processes require a large amount of energy derived from natural gas and oil, which are non-renewable energy, to supply heat and electric energy. So, this paper depends on solar energy as a source of renewable energy, and can be powered for producing fresh water. The new idea depends on using simulation ASPEN- PLUS. The solar collector and air cooler is replaced by heater in simulation program, absorber and cooler are used instead of humidification-dehumidification device, and flash drum to separate fresh water from air after cooling process, certainly pressure drop occurred so compressor is used to raise pressure, in order to doing recycle of air after drying it. Venting of air before recycle process at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% is done. The simulation program is worked at Egyptian climate in summer and winter case.  The maximum productivity of fresh water is at winter, when ratio of air to saline water is 3.47 with air temperature 250 oC


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